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What our amazing ladies are saying about Shape Shop


12 weeks this week with 4 days a week working out hard at the gym! 
Then this last month committed to a nutritional plan. I’m totally hooked, loving feeling healthier, stronger oh and more should I say....flexible!!! 😂😂😂
Thank you so much Linda and Steve at Shape Shop I’m feeling the best I have in years! 🤗 
Lots more to go but getting there bring on this summer!!!!!

Lisa, Masterton

Best gym in Masterton for all your training needs. Linda, Steve and Karen and all the ladies who have encouraged me with awesome support Thank you all so much xxxxx

Angela, Masterton

I'm a member of Precision Nutrition and my lesson for today is to show gratitude. I would like to take this moment to thank Linda & Steve for there effort in my progress during the programme.

Without their encouragement I would mostly likely of given up. They provide a personal touch that I can't really put into words. Linda was not only my trainer but my life coach and I felt comfortable to confide and open up to her. This really helped develop a good relationship as she could relate to me. 

It's been tough but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm truly on the road to a healthier me!

Thank you Linda & Steve

Elaine, Masterton

I have been following this plan to shake off weight and it's worked really well, despite not being a gym junkie! Healthy sensible meals, good portion sizes, recipes provided, and heaps of support and advice and all online. If you want to lose weight I would definitely give this plan a go!

Jo, Greytown

Great place to work out - love my sessions with Linda. Thank you so much.

Kylie, Masterton

Last year I observed a work colleague dramatically changing her look. I looked in the mirror at myself and thought how I could even begin to look that good.

I asked my colleague what the secret that had assisted her transformation was. She told me that she had been following a healthy eating plan known as Shape Shop. I obtained the contact details for Shape Shop and began my journey to a healthier diet and regular exercise. 

I set myself a goal to lose 10k beginning 12 months ago. The weekly Lifestyle Tool and recipes made sticking to the plan really easy. It is great to have the weeks meals planned for you and you get a shopping list to take with you to the supermarket. The meals are varied, easy to cook and are filling and nutritious. 

I have now reached my goal of a 10kg weight loss and I intend to continue with the lifestyle that I have learned on this journey. The encouragement and support from the Shape Shop Team has been invaluable and I would thoroughly recommend this plan to anyone who has a desire to lose some weight and improve their health.

Denise, Greytown

Had my first high intensity work out today. I FEEL GREAT and didn't die (although felt close!). I want to thank you Sam...I have a real complex about working out and you made me feel fabulous today...

Vicki, Masterton

Thanks Linda I really am enjoying the sessions - it's hard, but good :). I'm so pleased that I'm part of your business, I would have felt different going to another place. It's a great environment.

Emma, Masterton

A big thank you to Linda & Shape Shop. 12 weeks to goal weight and the hardest part was eating my way through all the food! Not only is the food yummy & "normal" I never felt hungry and the cravings for chocolate and biscuits disappeared!! Give it a go!!

Debbie, Napier

Thanks so much Linda. Your support is what's making me believe I can do this, and I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and professionalism.

What a fabulous, life changing and incredibly supportive experience being part of this wonderful gym. I know's me, can you believe it?! So if they can do that for me think what they can do for you! Loving it!

Suzie, Masterton

Very excited about starting Shape Shop. The menu looks delicious!

Steph, Greytown

Amazing what a lot of moaning, groaning, & a lot of swearing and pain can achieve in 20 months. Thanks Linda & Steve.

Karen, Masterton

Best decision I ever made for my health and well being. I waited 6 months after seeing Shape Shop on FB, really wish I hadn't. Go along and talk to Linda and Steve, they are lovely people and awesome personal trainers. You totally won't regret it. It will change your whole life.

Tania, Masterton

Highly recommend Shape Shop...Great experience here with Linda and Steve and a wicked bunch of women...just get your Lycra on and go for it. All shapes and abilities just fit in here

Georgie, Masterton

Words can’t express how positively life changing shape shop is for us. It’s fun challenging and rewarding.

Anna, Masterton

Once you try Shape Shop you'll question why you bothered with other gyms/workouts. This works! Steve Linda and Ange provide a serious workout tagged into fun social small groups. You'll be surprised who you know here and you'll make friends too. Oh and build muscle get fit and achieve the goals you set. SS offer you everything you need. Knowledge. Support (dietary too) and a friendly environment.

Megan, Masterton

I just love the supportive & non-judgmental atmosphere of Shape Shop, both from the trainers and fellow trainees - I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

Ellen, Masterton

There are so many positives about Shape Shop. I have been a member of lots of gyms but I love the more personal side to Shape Shop, you don’t just join, get shown the ropes and left to it, there is always someone there to help you, push you, make sure you doing it right, checking your weights are right, etc. Highly recommended!!

Emma, Masterton

Been at quite a few gyms over the years, but never any that are quite so personal. Steve and Linda encourage you but also leave you to your workout if that's what is desired. The ladies are lovely, small classes are awesome, equipment is fantastic (some I may be happier without 😂), gym is very clean and hygienic.

Kellee, Masterton

I love Shape Shop! I'm such an "un gym-like" person and I was hesitant at first, but Linda, Steve and Ange made it so easy for me. They genuinely care, and know their stuff. I've been going for 3 years now, and can't wait to get back into the studio. I'd encourage anyone thinking about joining to give it a try, you won't regret it!

Robyn, Masterton

I would highly recommend shape shop! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and have been an on & off gym “goer”!! I realised as I headed towards “midlife” I needed to get my life on track so I could enjoy life with more energy and confidence! The support that I have received from Linda, Steve and Ange as been unmeasurable - I have been going for over 3 years now and love it!!! I still struggle with my eating but this is a lifetime of habits that I need to change and the shape shop team have never given up on me!! As I often say to anyone that asks, we are all ages and all different shapes and sizes and not one judgment made! Everyone is so supportive. It’s awesome to have made friends with such a varied group of inspirational women. Look forward to seeing some new faces - definitely give it a go 💪🏋️♂️

Kay, Masterton

I really like that it is women only, no judgement, friendly and positive environment, super supportive and encouraging trainers and it is like having a personal trainer each session. Definitely would recommend to any woman considering joining.

Maria, Masterton

Before joining Shape Shop a few years ago, I wasn't a gym girl at all. I was nervous and didn't have a lot of confidence in myself let alone with my PT Steve at the time. Now I can't wait to go and be surrounded by our PTs Linda, Steve and Ange who always believes in me with enthusiasm, encouragement and a positive attitude. I have met some lovely ladies along the way from all walks of life. Not to mention the awesome nutritional program and yummy recipes Linda provides for us each week, (each day via video while in lockdown, plus class session). Thanks guys. Shape Shop Rocks!! 😊👍

Rose, Masterton

I love the Shape Shop. They have helped motivate me to get back to my old energy levels after major illness...and have been super support and fun to spent my morning workouts with. They are a lovely team and a lovely group of ladies to workout with 😘

Jessie, Masterton

So much to love about Shape Shop. Steve and Linda are so deserving of the highest praises for their dedication, support, motivation and professionalism to all of their clients. Shape Shop has been just what we need physically, mentally and socially. ❤🙏🏋️♀️🥂👌

Anneka, Masterton

Shape Shop is my happy place and I'm very much looking forward to getting back to the gym, to be surrounded by such an awesome group of ladies. Steve and Linda are amazing, so supportive and encouraging. I would not have come this far at any other gym.

Marie, Masterton

I never thought I would enjoy a gym environment but Linda and Steve have created a unique environment for all woman to enjoy. Their support and encouragement is second to none. Shape shop is clean, friendly and well catered for.

Kylie, Masterton

Can't wait for Shape Shop to open up again, however the online support during lockdown is amazing. Just another indication of the passion and support Linda, Steve & Ange have for their members. ❤️

Christina, Masterton

On various occasions a couple of regular Shape Shop ladies encouraged me to come along and join the gym. They said I’d love it and I’d never look back, it’s such a cool place. I was so pessimistic about joining because of previous experiences and not being looked after. I can truly say I’m glad I listened to those girls the gym has become a second home, it’s a true testament to the fantastic guidance of Linda and Steve. The work outs are sustainable. Great bunch of ladies and there is nowhere to hide! You are well looked after from the moment you walk in the door. Thank you Team Shape Shop xx

Rachael, Masterton

Love this place it's like my 2nd home, cant wait to get back into it! Very knowledgeable and supportive trainers, Linda, Steve & Ange!

Elly, Masterton

Love this place. Can’t wait to get back into it!! The group energy and team spirit is very motivating. See you again soon all.

Virginia, Masterton

Have been going to SS for 3 years or so. Linda, Steve and Angie are great instructors who encourage and inspire while being respectful of our different ages and capabilities. Really enjoy working out in the small groups and enjoying the camaraderie of the other women.

Jill, Masterton

Love my workouts at shape shop, great bunch of ladies an awesome trainers.

Vicki, Masterton

As a foundation member 😂, we’ve been through a lot together! Can’t wait to see you back on deck and able to enjoy the wonderful conversations and workouts again. ♥️

Miri, Masterton

This place is the best ever. I've achieved so much in the 5 months I've been here. Steve & Linda rock!

Claudia, Masterton

Such an awesome place to train with nice small classes, and a wonderfull group of ladies to share the experience with. And ofcourse fantastic trainers on hand.

Laurette, Masterton

Look forward to my sessions here. Very motivating everyone is so supportive and friendly 😊

Sherree, Masterton

Can't wait to get back into it, it's just not the same doing it on your own, you guys just give so much more motivation. 💜

Rachael S, Masterton