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Shape Shop is built on the principle of making it as easy as possible for women to use resistance weight-training for exercise in a supportive, women's only group setting.

Founded by Linda & Steve Oldfield in 2015, Shape Shop is renowned for it's small group fitness classes and one to one personal training. A small, clean, friendly and supportive environment awaits tucked away off Lincoln Road in Masterton.

Shape Shop has gone from strength to strength over the years, now offering 30+ group fitness classes, personal training, and nutrition.

Learn more about the team below.




Linda Oldfield

Personal Trainer & Owner

Linda is a personal trainer, avid walker, occasional tennis player and lover of great food, coffee and good wine.


Her journey from the first day at the gym to competing in Body Sculpting competitions has been a life changing experience which dramatically improved not only her shape, but her attitude to work and life.

Previously a nurse for 15+ years, she holds a National Certificate in Fitness Consultancy, as well as a Bachelor of Nursing.

Steve Oldfield

Personal Trainer & Owner

Steve is an exercise nutritionist, occasional tennis and golf player and enjoys great food and even better wine! He joined the gym to gain muscle, after initially struggling to make progress, he realised the importance of nutrition to complement his exercise program.

Steve holds a masters level certificate in exercise nutrition from Precision Nutrition, and designs the nutrition plans that himself and Linda have used for the past ten years in everyday life – and now for Shape Shop. 

Steve is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, book keeper, and chief coffee & tea maker!

Shape staff  (50).jpg

Angela Smart

Personal Trainer

Angela (Ange) is a long time member of Shape Shop and is our newest personal and group trainer having recently completed her qualifications.

Balance is important to Ange – being mentally, emotionally and physically strong - she takes a holistic approach to life. As well as being a wife and Mum of two adult daughters, she has driven trucks in the goldmines of Australia, was a successful real estate agent in Masterton and worked in the retail trade locally for many years.

Ange has now found that balance she was looking for in her new role at the Shape Shop, and is excited to use her experience to work with you to find yours!

Ange holds a NZ Certificate in Exercise (level 4) from the NZ Institute of Health & Fitness.